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escenders provide state-of-the-art software solutions for your business needs and asset management

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About Us

escenders provide both, business software solutions and services. Rather than leasing softwares, we believe in empowering businesses with their own high-end, completely customized, and scalable softwares.

  • Save Time
  • Cut Costs
  • Deliver Quality

Our primary service is to empower businesses and individuals with dedicated websites to ensure they achieve their maximum potential and reach out to their targetted audiences. Furthermore, we provide dedicated CRMs, ERP, and asset management systems.

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escenders provide next-generation IT services and BPO solutions. The company aims to evolve with each project and stand at the pinnacle of information and technology by providing solutions, strategies, and services to private organizations, businesses and individuals.

  • Quality assurance is the core of every project. escenders quality management service, ensures the reliability, and efficiency of your digital 96. Ensuring there are always improvements made in order to evolve for the best.

  • Regardless of the volumes of the data, escenders organizes and manages both structured and unstructured data. Moreover, addressing the business needs and challenges to mine valuable information and make precise predictions to improve business models.

  • escenders hold in high regards the trust by businesses and organizations. Therefore, ensuring the safety and security of sensitive business information, remains a top-priority. We apply innovative and discreet methodologies to prevent unauthorized access, data loss, and data theft.


It's important to be completely familiar with your digital asset.

Even if it is a single site, complete familiarization with your digital asset is crucial. escenders aspire to collaborate rather than simply offer a service. As our clients remain 100% familiar with their asset, it breathes room for further improvements.

Development & Documentation Project Completion: 10%
Design Finalization Project Completion: 40%
Features & Functionality Integration Project Completion: 70%
Final Testing & Deployment Project Completion: 100%


escenders help businesses and organizations to remain ahead of their competition, by ensuring the confidentiality, security, quality, and management to migitage loss and enable seamless operations.

Digital Commerce

Whether it is a single site, B2B or B2C, your asset needs to empower your online presence.


Quality content is crucial for recognition and establishment of unique identity with the proper analysis and quality content create.

Web Development

A website whether static or dynamic, is a digital asset that establishes your business or organization's identity at a global reach.

Management Systems

escenders provide organizations with dedicated and robust, CRM, POS, 96 management, and accounts management systems.

More Than Solutions

The only asset of true value is time, therefore, a good investment can help you save a lot of value and earn a lot more. escenders aspire to develop and enhance your modules for ever increasing value.


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Meet the dedicated team you can trust, that hand-tailors services and solutions for your business needs.

shoaib anjum

Shoaib Anjum

Chief Executive Officer

Founder, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of escenders.

ubaid ur rehman

Ubaid ur Rehman

Senior Project Manager

Nominated member of the board of directors. An excellent engineer and project manager.

wajahat ali khan

Wajahat A. Khan

SEO & Marketing Specialist

Nominated member of the board of directors. Search Engine Optimization, analysis and marketing specialist.

Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Nominated member of the board of directors. Quality assurance specialist, project roadmap establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a short list of the most frequent queries we receive from visitors.

  • I want my site to be developed on core code, is that possible?

    Everything is possible, we would gladly start your site from scratch, design and develop, your internet representation (your site), that best compliments what you do, from the color code to the very response of the website will deliver the feel you want to present to your audience.

  • Yes, depending upon the scale of your site/ecommerce store, we provide quality assurance and maintenance services accordingly. Databases (if any) and the site is fully optimized. However, firstly, we thoroughly test your site and draft a report. Based on the results, we make initial improvements that should provide instant results in terms of speed and page response.

  • Yes, escenders do and always will be open to working with innovators and bright-minds, that have an idea. We would gladly become a part of a vision, as we aspire to create and create to inspire.

  • Depending upon the nature and scale of your business, we offer a number of solution and services. Other than developing offline POS systems and Inventory management systems, we also offer online CRMs and much more. In summary, we handle are your business needs and provide robust solutions that won't bother you with bugs for decades and scalable as you go.

  • The costs are estimated after discussing the scope of the project and required features to be implemented and custom design requests. However, we ensure the plan drafted is suitable for both us and you, in order to create the best possible outcome.

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We're situated in Kashmir. Feel free to get in touch with us!


5th Floor, Qazi Plaza, CMH Road, MZD 13100


+92 303 564 1234

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